Batoul Maria | About
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Batoul Maria is a self-taught Lebanese art-repeneur from Antwerp. She made a radical shift from the colorful palette of acrylic paintings to a recently more personal collection called “Metamorphosis”.

“Metamorphosis” offers a series of pieces that represent both visually and materially the inner spiritual trajectory the artist underwent after having suffered a severe knee injury. An injury which caused a metallic, 10cm long rectangular-shaped plate and set of 6 screws to cohabit and disturb living, bodily structures inhabiting her raw, wounded flesh. This tension, and paradox, is mirrored not only through the chronological yet triggered evolution of Batoul’s pieces and creativity, but also in the contrasts & complexities in colour, matter, technique and media with which she so beautifully plays. Resorting to waste and wisdom, the artist manages to find beauty in the broken and to sustainably metamorphose recyclables into art.

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